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From this provision of the Constitution there developed the so-called message of the President to Congress.

These are re- ports combined with directions and counsel.

The is true of nierchnndise which today cannot be purchased because of its hifii price; but when prices are lov;ered, v/e v;ill have right hero in our own country the best and safest iriarket.

I 1 a I II - 7 - Dziennik ::v;iazkovjy , POLISH Dec . '7e get alonf T^ in this country v/ithout nany things because they are too expensive while, on the other hand, foreign laarkets purchase such articles at a much lower price. (^ditorinl) The most difficult nnd it the sarie time the most expensive battle that the '^rovermnent of the Lnited Stcites is vmrin^'; at present is the bittle v/ith the meat tru^'t.

It might pro- duce a financial crash and general stagnation in the entire country', v/hich 7;ill cause the laboring class great hardship. POLISH In our opinion, there is not much truth in i:hes9 subterfu^ses and threats.