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We hire based on your scores on the written and physical exams.If you're a veteran, you'll get several benefits during the selection process.or Jennifer Worick, it was the call from Quantico that did it: "I interviewed this FBI agent for a story, and the first time I talked to him, he called me from Quantico," says the coauthor of such books as .

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The written part of the exam usually takes place in April.

The state will mail you a written notice and send you an email with the date of the test. You can also bring your own number 2 pencils for the exam.

We’ll update our website the next time we hold these events.

The state will also send you a date, time, and location for your physical abilities test.

If you take the physical abilities test and you fail it before the written exam takes place, you may qualify to get a $100 refund for the written test.