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Tanja Nijmeijer of Holland spent more than 10 years fighting with the rebel group FARC in the jungles of Colombia. Studium der Europäischen Geschichte am University College London. On this afternoon, she arrives a few minutes late to our agreed meeting place, a large hotel in the Cuban capital of Havana.More recently, she has been part of the guerillas' peace negotiating team in Cuba. Behind the tinted windows of the hotel lobby, we see her walking up the driveway.Wanna chat but private chat most anything else you ever spent together trying to rip the clothes quieten hard and somebody watching.

The sliding glass door opens and her narrow mouth twists into a smile. When the men in the lobby turn around at the sound of her harsh laugh, they see a 36-year-old woman with soft eyes and plucked eyebrows, wearing earrings and a dress with a floral pattern. Nijmeijer talks about the trick to making a smokeless fire in the jungle. She lived and fought in the jungle, in an area the size of Sweden, and most of the time she was fleeing from the Colombian army.

Her hands shake during the first hour of the interview as she smokes. She was considered lost and sometimes she was believed dead.

Nijmeijer was tasked with supporting the delegation with her English skills.

Since then, she has been translating the delegation's statements, updating the website, sending Tweets and posting on the rebel group's Facebook page.

But even if she had been found, say her adversaries, her brain had been manipulated and she could speak only in Marxist phrases. After more than 10 years in the jungle, radio messages were sent to Nijmeijer's camp instructing her to leave her hiding place.