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"So, this conversation needed to grow and I wanted to be a part of the growth of it."Stephens and Etana are at the forefront of a push to turn the image of reggae around.We caught up with them in a crowded studio in Montego Bay where Etana was recording Stephens' new song, Queen of the Concrete Jungle."They don't represent half of Jamaica.

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The most striking feature is a giant statue of a naked man and woman at the main entrance.

It's a reflection of how many Jamaicans see themselves — strong, proud and unashamedly sexual.

"Anything that creates divide and separation, I'm not a part of it." Reggae came out the slums of Jamaica in the 1960s and within a decade reached a global audience.

It was widely seen as a soundtrack of social justice and its greatest anthem was One Love — the smash hit of Bob Marley that called on humanity to, "get together and feel all right".

Some of Jamaica's biggest stars were banned from touring the United States.