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Many guys struggle with what to text a girl and how to communicate effectively with them!

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You’ll want to appear as if you’re high status and busy as well and take your time in replying to her, too. You don’t want to appear too available as this makes you look needy. You’ve probably done this before already, thinking that if you didn’t reply to her fast enough, she might lose attraction for you or she might be upset with you because you take too long and that might ruin your chances with her. Come on, admit it, you’ve done this before; everyone has. It’s not a rule that should be followed to a tee, but it should be loosely followed, and if done, should put you into an attraction-building position.

I say loosely followed here because you don’t want to always text her eleven minutes after she texts you if she usually takes about ten minutes to text you. If she is in a pattern of texting you every ten minutes or so, and you have seven texts between you, take 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 8 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 5 minutes, 13 minutes. They’re more of the natural timing texts between friends would be.

You’ll probably even get her to fall for you completely over text! Trust me, when you figure out exactly how to do it, you’re going to LOVE texting! I like to use them here and there just to lighten things up with a woman.

I’d like to start off with one of my most important and helpful texting tools . Some dating coaches wouldn’t recommend doing this, but I disagree.

Then I’d check that the phone wasn’t on silent and that the vibrator was on so that I’d know for sure when I did get that text back.

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