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More than 2 trillion photos were shared last year, perhaps twice or more were captured and sit dormant on phone hard drives. Sontag wrote the above from the gentle upward slope of the exponential curve of image-creation.

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We are approaching a world in which visual and auditory presence at a distance—seeing as another, instantly—is not a rare luxury good, but a basic assumption of society and industry.

The superpower of unbounded remote vision is becoming mundane. We could rein in our image appetite before wearable cameras become necessary.

Initially, time was an industrial substrate: running efficient trains required coordinated, well-publicized time across long distances.

The market for time exploded alongside the growth of rail, and by the 1870s time was a hot luxury item.

Beme, Snapchat, Facebook, and likely dozens of others are building that consumption software right now.(Technology for consuming images has always lagged behind technology for creating them.