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My coaching experience was extremely fun and I enjoyed Brian’s style and laughter.

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Another tip: Posting recent, clear photos is key for making a great first impression and can actually help you meet gay people online by making you stand out in search results.

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This can save a lot of time and energy and aids in boosting confidence about meeting someone new.

However, it’s also a very impersonal mode of communication fraught with many missing elements that can make this screening process more challenging.

There’s no qualms about it…we live in a digital world now where technology is king and information and immediate gratification is readily available with the click of a button. Let’s do an examination of the pros and cons of using social media in your dating efforts to see how it shapes up.

It’s even impacted our dating and sex lives; in a matter of seconds you can pull up a slew of pornographic images to whet your sexual appetite or peruse a dating personals site to scan for potential matches with your cell phone or laptop when you’re on a break from work or traveling home on a subway. But with this quick accessibility and push-button mentality, does it really serve the needs and ultimate prognosis for those single gay men who are seeking a soul mate for a long-term partnership? Click on the following link to read the rest: we all know, one factor that fuels physical attraction is appearance.

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