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The fifth division, the 41st Division, was converted into a depot division near Tours.

At the beginning, during the Spring of 1918, the four battle-ready U. divisions were deployed under French and British command to gain combat experience by defending relatively quiet sectors of their lines.

In these two military operations, Allied forces recovered more than 200 sq mi (488 km) of French territory from the German army.

By the time the World War I Armistice had suspended all combat on November 11, 1918, the American Expeditionary Forces had evolved into a modern, combat-tested army.

A group of regular soldiers and the first American division to arrive in France, entered the trenches near Nancy, France, in Lorraine. Particularly appreciated were the French canon de 75 modèle 1897, the canon de 155 C modèle 1917 Schneider, and the canon de 155mm GPF.