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Here is a list of the 20 newsgroups, partitioned (more or less) according to subject matter: The data available here are in gz bundles. Each subdirectory in the bundle represents a newsgroup; each file in a subdirectory is the text of some newsgroup document that was posted to that newsgroup. The first ("19997") is the original, unmodified version.The second ("bydate") is sorted by date into training(60%) and test(40%) sets, does not include cross-posts (duplicates) and does not include newsgroup-identifying headers (Xref, Newsgroups, Path, Followup-To, Date).According to, originally the main feature of Google Groups was being able to search the Usenet archive in which scientific articles had been stored since 1981.

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Some of the newsgroups are very closely related to each other (e.g.

hardware / mac.hardware), while others are highly unrelated (e.g / soc.religion.christian).

These profiles can be processed and read by other services (such as Yasni).

Therefore, a Google search for the real name of a person can reveal personal data and even information that was posted decades ago.

So the matlab version (below) represents 18824 documents. I used the following two scripts to produce the data files: [Added 1/14/08] The following file contains the vocabulary for the indexed data.