Halo dating 101 lesson2

If you add the cymbals into the 7/8 pattern it looks like this: (the small x is a ghost note) As you can see this is syncopated off the bass drum and snare drum hits, and like the bass and snare hits is mostly phrased in dotted 8th notes.

This makes it sound like it is travelling accross the guitar part, but the drum part itself is actually fairly static.

Halo dating 101 lesson2

I'd love to know his cymbal (Zildjian) setup details. Very creative and with a strong sense of musicality (Listen to 'Glass Arm Shattering' for example). The amount of time you must have spent working on this material blows my mind. Rhythmic Illusions (Chapter 10) "Rhythmic Scales & Polyrhythmic Groupings" Rhythmic Perspectives (Chapter 4) "Polyrhythmic Theory" cheers Gavin Wow!!! I switched instruments about 12 yeas ago, until one day a co-worker dropped In Absentia onto my desk, and it quickly became one of my favorite albums.

He also has his own home studio in which he records drums for a variety of artists. But there's not that much information about him available. Gavin is a great drummer and he's one of my favourites ever. Listening to your playing was truly inspirational and, much to my wife's discontent, drums are very much a part of my life again (just bought a new Sonor kit!

It's like a jazzy, syncopated snare/bass pattern with a seemingly non-repetitive china beat superimposed.

And now there is extreme speed to contend with as well...

He has an incredibly musical drumming, full of colours and effects. ) I love the way you play everything, and although I'm not a big fan of double base, I think you use just the right amount at the right time(s). I'll check out your books (and your cd's - I've not yet heard any 'Porcupine Tree, ignorant fool that I am. Meantime, I see you're a fellow Meshuggah-rer (and Londoner).