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Mike Nichols's "Closer," based on the acerbic 1997 play by Patrick Marber, brings the battle of the sexes into the brave new world of cybersex.

One pair of the story's heterosexual London quartet--a dermatologist named Larry (Clive Owen) and the divorced photographer Anna (Julia Roberts) meet because Larry she has summoned him to a rendezvous after a salacious chat.

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We’re not saying you shouldn’t have an account — swiping right and left is always going to be fun, and there’s something exciting about an app with over 50 million users — but still, you might also want to look elsewhere.

Before we go over the best apps for different people, here’s a look at the dating apps with the most satisfied users from a 2016 Applause report: Glancing at this data, we’ll note that Just Say Hi, the most popular video-based dating app, blows all competition away as the most-often enjoyed dating app on the market.

Yet with a cast this good, and a director this knowing, "Closer" has many moments of mordant power.

Portman, as the most open and vulnerable of the quartet--this is her first real adult role--is truly poignant.

Though there are certainly ways to remain open for casual flings on OKCupid, the mere fact that you have to fill out a long profile suggests you’re in this for the long haul.