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"People's birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries. You miss those things that are important, those rights of passage and traditions. Sometimes, too, people forget about you because you're gone." Although I only had this short conversation with Tanya, I feel like it's this last issue that's understandably a bit of a conflict for her.

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She was sent into the forest to see if this chimp saving NGO was something that the US government would be interested in funding.

From what I could tell, this foray into the forest wasn't a normal part of Tanya's job description, although it appeared to be a fun diversion from the everyday.

Her specialty is Public Affairs, which I believe involves a lot of talking with people and solving their problems.

Cote D'Ivoire was her first official gig with the Foreign Service, although Tanya's been afflicted with the travel bug ever since she took a non-government job in Mongolia in 2002.

The next logical question, of course, is why Tanya was kicking around in a Cote D'Ivoire forest checking out pooping monkeys.