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It moves, it heals, it communicates and does all these incredible things.

Lord Byron The human soul is hungry for beauty; we seek it everywhere - in landscape, music, art, clothes, furniture, gardening, companionship, love, religion, and in ourselves. When we experience the beautiful, there is a sense of homecoming.

Then Kathleen -- I just remember riding in the elevator with her, and I remember other people being totally like, oh my God, Kathleen is in the elevator with us.

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Samson joined Le Tigre after college, as a replacement for Sadie Benning.

She had previously worked as the band's projectionist.

[…] Read more » He travels down that road to find information, not to provide it."I'm pretty old-fashioned," Crosby told USA TODAY Sports.

Because I do a lot of interviews, people might believe I want my opinion heard.

JD was in LT's "Viz," which portrays her experiences as a member of a sexual minority.