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All players must be 18 years of age and wear full equipment, including a helmet.

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This is not required as long as you have a uniquely, numbered jersey of close resemblance to the team jerseys.

Captains: Doug French - Angry Beavers, Kari Walberg - Bulls, Jason Rohlf - Chicago Dogs, Andy Crow - Cutters, Julianne Mazurek - Ice Rats, Jeff Smith - Opossums, Bob Klem - Red Rockets, Jeff Mc Donald - Timberwolves, Helmut "Hippo" Tweer - Yetis.

18 skater MAXIMUM (must have 13 paid players) per team with one goalie.

Pick the captain, team, or friends with you wish to play.

Two minute penalties occurring after the game will be served in the same manner.