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It is uncommon to move from the area where you are born.Even if a child goes to a city to work, they tend to go home for holidays. People are respected because of their age and position.

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It is important to make initial introductions as far up the hierarchy as possible.

Unless you are the CEO, it may be impossible to meet with the actual decision maker for your first meeting.

Older people are viewed as wise and are granted respect. They do not readily smile, especially at strangers, and are not comfortable making small talk.

Latvians expect the most senior person, by age or position to make decisions that are in the best interest of the group. They often appear to have little difficulty accepting what would be considered awkward silences in other cultures. Once a relationship has developed though, some of the veneer will disappear.

Personal matters are seldom touched upon in business. If you are from a culture where hand gestures are robust, you may wish to moderate them to conform to local practices.