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They also explore the concept of boundaries, essential to expressing feelings in relationships. Participants identify the different forms and styles of communication and have an opportunity to learn new techniques.

By the end of the workshop, every participant leaves with new life skills that they can apply in a variety of real-life dating situations. A thought-provoking discussion explores how Judaism is filled with tradition and wisdom which can guide us in some of the most challenging situations we encounter.

What do you do when your roommate’s boyfriend casually moves into your dorm?

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Through a series of self-esteem building activities, participants reflect on their personal views about who influences their decisions and the values Judaism provides in guiding them towards safe and healthy choices.

What expectations do young people have about partying in Israel?

From cyberbullying to teasing, bullying and social cruelty comes in so many forms today.

This workshop helps young people understand what defines bullying and relational aggression.

As students learn the skills and strategies in Mind Matters, they can begin to say, “I am not a victim of what happened to me.” This study examined change in adolescents’ traditional gender role attitudes and dating violence acceptance following completion of Relationship Smarts PLUS.