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That is the narrow space where political skills are tested against the capacity for destruction to find out which side of Woody Allen's crossroads we take.We've been moments from failing the test several times.

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You hinted at Sadoway's molten magnesium/antimony battery, which certainly owns a unique point in the tradespace.

Goodenough, age 94, recently showed that conductive glass can revolutionize lithium batteries.

John Mc Cafee Claims Kaspersky Using z Cash to fund Martian Invasion North Korea Launches Web Attack with 10,000 Armored Spiders United Nations Appoints Angela Jolie as Encryption Ambassador to Bangladeshi Street Kids • July 28, 2017 PM In last years election hundreds of opposition party members were unmasked (using NSA data) by senior political appointees.

To recover from the 'damage' (and to seek revenge) the the Department of Justice is currently being politicized.

It's a much harder problem, but the police are being brought to heel one video at a time.