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Before long, Liz and Tom have spotted Andropov and chased him down to an alley — an “extraction point” where he’s meeting a few important-looking men in suits.But when the men realize that Andropov has been followed, they waste no time in drawing their guns and putting a few bullets in Andropov’s chest.but Cooper never had cancer to begin with After spending some quality time between the sheets with Tom, Liz takes a look at the flash drive she found in Andropov’s safe house, and the information on it is dizzying.

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It was a closely-fought campaign that got dirty, but Virginia elected Democrat Ralph Northam to be its next Governor.

As Democrats celebrate state and local victories across the country, Republicans have to figure out how Trump factors into their chances at the polls.

After they drive off, Liz holds Andropov as he dies, crying over all the information from her past that will die with the doctor.

Tom and Liz have sex True, watching a virologist die in your arms might not be the most romantic ambiance in the world.

Elizabeth Pipko took a year off from minoring in mathematics at Harvard to train for the Olympics in figure skating, which makes her a certified mathlete.