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While this group can sometimes create frustration for anxious GPs there are many LPs within this category that are much more valuable than sleepy “follower” money and can be strategically valuable in the same way that we think of Thought Leaders.

LP Types GPs frequently use the same marketing playbook to sell their fund to all LPs, when in reality each LP is driven by different facors.

With what I’ve been through this year living the single life I make sure I do my “research” before meeting someone.

” haha so I sent him a picture of her profile and said this. I called him out on the lies he told me the day before. DING DING DING No answer but then he blocked me from Bumble. First time I’ve had one that I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. So he might have caught on to that when I told him I was going home at 8 pm to watch the Washington football game. Thankfully my guy friends met up with me and I stayed out.

So it was a fun night going to different places and talking. but i’m not ready for a date to see me do that yet. One of the few guy’s that I’ve met that is genuinely a nice guy.