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); Death Toll Rises to 21, Hundreds of People Missing in California Fires; New Questions Over Vegas Shooting Timeline Sheriff's Response; District Attorney Under Fire for Not Charging Weinstein; Trump on Iran Deal: You're Going to See Very Soon.

Aired 7-8p ET • Death Toll In Wildfires Growing: One Of Deadliest In State History; Trump Calls Senator Corker "Liddle": Brags I. Higher Than Tillerson; Trump Briefed On "Range Of Options" On North Korea; Sources: Vegas Shooter Tried To Cause Explosion At Airport; Obamas Condemn Weinstein In Five Days After Allegations; Obamas Condemn Weinstein Five Days After Allegations; Death Toll in California Wildfires Growing: One of the Deadliest in State History; NFL Chief: "Everyone Should Stand" for National Anthem. Aired on 7-8p ET • Authorities Believe Gunman May Have Fired At Fuel Tanks First; Authorities Believe Gunman Rigged His Car to Explode If Fired Upon; Vegas Killer Left Cryptic Hotel Room Note Containing Numbers; Trump's Chief of Staff Struggling to Manage White House Chaos; Trump Refuses to Explain "Calm Before the Storm" Warning Again; New Orleans Under Hurricane Warning As Deadly Storm Nears.

Aired 7-8p ET • Killer Hurricane Directly Aiming At Miami In New Forecast; Florida Bracing For Direct Hit From Hurricane The Size Of Texas; National Weather Service: "Immense Human Suffering" Possible; Mandatory Evacuation, Warnings Of "Life-Threatening' Conditions. Braces for Hurricane Irma; Parts of Florida to Evacuate As Hurricane Intensifies To CAT 5; Trump Doubles Down, Says He Has "Great Heart" For Dreamers; Protests Growing After Trump Ends "Dreamers" Program. H.: All Options On The Table After North Korea Says It Tested Its Most Powerful Nuke Yet; Haley: North Korea Leader "Begging For War"; Trump Not Ruling Out Retaliatory Attack On North Korea; Trump Publicly Criticizes Key Ally Amid N.

Aired 7-8p ET • Terror Attack In NYC Leaves 8 Dead, Several Injured; Sources: NYC Suspect Is From Uzbekistan, Came To U. In 2010; Trump: Looks Like "Sick And Deranged Person"; Suspect ID'ed as Sayfullo Saipov. Not Being Up Front About Deadly Niger Ambush; Growing Questions About Why Soldier Was Left Behind After Ambush; Trump Waits Months To Send $25K To Fallen Soldier's Family.

Aired on 7-8p ET • LAPD Responds To 911 Call At Home Of Harvey Weinstein's Daughter; Hillary Clinton's First Interview Since Harvey Weinstein News; Trump Says Tax Plan Benefits The Middle Class (Does It?

Aired 7-8p ET • Trump Versus The NFL; Trump Keeps Up Attacks On NFL Players As His Agenda Stalls; Sources Say Kelly's Not Pleased With Trump's Culture War; Trump: "Tremendous Backlash Against The NFL and Its Players. Aired 7-8p ET • Mexican President: Survivors May Be Trapped In At Least 10 Buildings; Quake Death Toll Rises To 273; Rescue Operations Underway; Death Toll Rises; Hurricane's Wrath Far From Over; Kim Responds to Trump, Calls Him "Mentally Deranged • Monster Hurricane Devastates Islands, U. East Coast Threatened; San Juan Mayor Says Blackout Possible For 6 Months; Hurricane Hunter Talks To CNN As He Flies Through Deadly Storm; Mueller Asks White House For Docs Related To Trump's Actions As President; Report: Manafort Offered Russian Billionaire Private Campaign Briefs. Government Wiretapped Former Trump Campaign Chair; Clinton Opens Door To Questioning Legitimacy Of 2016 Election; NYT: Trump Lawyers Overheard Talking Russia Probe At Steakhouse.

Aired 7-8p ET • Source: "Rocket Man" Line a Late Add to Trump's U. Speech; GOP's Hail Mary Plan to Repeal Obamacare Gaining Steam; Interview with Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts; Hurricane Hunter Talks to CNN As He Flies Through Cat 5 Storm. Aired 7-8p ET • British Officials Warn Of Imminent Attack; Trump Scolded For Terror Tweets Before Facts Are Clear; Trump: Options For North Korea "Effective And Overwhelming"; Unprecedented Glimpse At Life Inside North Korea; Protests After Ex-Cop Acquitted in Death of Black Man; Trump's Long History of Fury and Humiliation; Hurricane Jose Strengthens, Threatening East Coast.

Aired 5-6p ET • Steve Bannon Is Out Of The White House; Steve Bannon Fired From WH, Back At Breitbart News; Bannon: "There's About To Be A Jailbreak On The Hill"; Interview with Congressman Jerry Nadler of New York.

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