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We would hang out in groups or at work, and it was obvious that there was something more happening with us.

But around the time he started liking someone else, he stopped doing that. Most FWBs will be at least a little flirty with you in public. Source: i Stock I realize this sounds completely obvious, but I know that when you're really into someone, you try to hold out hope for as long as possible. If this person has been hooking up with you in their bedroom for weeks but has never taken you out, and can suddenly take someone else out...

As many of you well know, being in a friends with benefits relationship can be really hard.

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But that is literally a clear sign they're interested in someone else.

Source: i Stock Here's what happened with my college FWB: for a while when we were hooking up, he was flirty in person.

I could go weeks without hearing from him for no real reason.

If they're doing it, it could be because they're also juggling their time with someone else, or trying to get that person to spend time with them.

Source: i Stock If they used to call you on a pretty regular schedule and now you only hear from them once in a while, that could also mean something is going on.