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Unlike BRB, GTG meant one of three very different things – you needed a poo, you were about to get a total bollocking for still being on the internet, or your dinner was ready. The ability to switch your status to Appear Offline was a Messenger joy that let you avoid awkward conversations with those you wanted to avoid while still seeing who else was online – and dropping a select few mates covert messages explaining your supposedly errant ways.

Sure, Messenger also let you set your status to In a Call or Out to Lunch, but you were 13, you were just too embarrassed to chat to that one you had that awkward kiss with.4.

ENDLESSLY WRITING BRB & GTGMSN Messenger and text speak went together like Kenan and Kel.

'BRB', or 'Be right back' as it meant in long form was perhaps the abbreviation thrown down the most and one we want to see brought back into daily life.

The lenders threaten to contact their parents and make their photos public if they fail to pay back the loans, Southern Metropolis Daily reported (link in Chinese) this week.

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