Nys dating laws

The law will also expand the employers prohibited from discriminating based on sex to all employers, rather than those employers with at least four employees.

For example, if a wife is guilty of an infidelity but her income is such that she requires alimony for a period of time after the divorce, the wronged husband would still be obligated to pay it. However, if the wife spent marital money on her paramour, a judge would likely compensate the husband for this if he could prove it.

He might receive a greater percentage of marital property in the divorce to make up for this money that the marriage lost.

Until 1967, adultery was the only grounds for divorce recognized by New York.

The state’s code defines it as sexual intercourse between an individual and someone other than her spouse after their date of marriage, so an affair qualifies if the relationship was sexually consummated.

It is unlawful for employer to compel an employee who is pregnant to take a leave of absence, unless the employee is prevented by such pregnancy from performing the activities involved in the job or occupation in a reasonable manner.