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Men are also cowed by the threat of sexual harassment lawsuits.

Having been in several workplaces where a male coworker was sued for sexual harassment, I can tell you that the effect is chilling, even on those men who would never consider saying or doing anything deemed harassment.

But at the same time, thanks to the inevitable outcomes of radical feminism, we’ve also developed this almost predatory female who wants to compete as a man in those elements of life we’ve always associated with manhood.

Can anyone claim that THAT’S an improvement for women?

When I was single…It was almost always the woman who broke things off in a relationship. It’s just that their girlfriends didn’t—at least not to them. While both sexes have “lists,” the lists of desirable qualities in a mate that women kept seemed to be more unrealistic than the lists of men.

I knew a lot of single Christian guys, and they were typically the dumpee, not the dumper. What made this more glaring was that as single women aged, their lists got shorter, while men’s lists tended to stay the same. I dated about a half-dozen women before I met my wife.

Beyond men and women competing for the same jobs, we use college as an excuse for job prep.