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You have a moment to wonder what the other person is going to do, and then there they are, doing it.

It gives you that split second of leeway to flow into a better position if you catch yourself going wrong. "It's important you don't do things like rub your nose on camera," says Taylor.

It's where I give myself one hour of 'me time' with my partner; it's very focused, and I really appreciate setting aside that time," she says."On the other hand, I like to think about the audience and that I'm on camera, specifically.

I have done burlesque, it's fun, but there is something fun about the camera. That's a turn on."Seska recommends stockings for covering up leg bruises or blemishes (along with turning on every straight guy on earth).

It's especially unkind if the image freezes while you're moving and displays 20 seconds of hippo-in-a-tutu or is-that-a-potato-or-your-nose instead of your truly gorgeous self.

Most of these folks don't bleach their anuses, remove every last body hair or spend their working hours naked.

And it's a heady feeling when you have an audience and you swivel just so and you see someone catch his breath and suddenly no one can type well because their fingers aren't working right.