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“Channing was very affectionate and was so sweet to her.

They look like the most in love couple you will ever see.” 5. It truly was a real life fairy tale when Snow White and Prince Charming actually did end up living happily ever after. I thought ‘I’m in trouble now,” Dallas said of their meeting. The two married in April 2014 and had their first child in May.

Moyer, 39, has two kids from a previous relationship — son Billy, who was born in 2000, and daughter Lilac, born in 2002.

Going into the final season of 'True Blood', Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer have much to be grateful for.

On 2 October 2017 Moyer debuted in the lead role of Reed Strucker, a devoted family man and district attorney--the latter of which whose duties includes the apprehension of mostly young "mutants" with extraordinary powers--in the new Fox series The Gifted, loosely based on The X-Men feature film series.