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Additionally, the life tasks and goals we have in our 30s, 40s and 50s are different than our life tasks in our 60s and beyond.

I would suggest you begin by making a list of what is important to you now, individually, as a 66-year-old man. Is it to live with someone or to see someone on weekends, to have someone to watch movies with but then go home, for sexual encounters or for snuggling in the middle of the night, for intimate chats or occasional dinners? I cannot help but wonder if some of the things you want are about basic assistance or security as a person with a disability.

New partners do not bring this to the table and shouldn’t be expected to.

So basic assistance needs have to be met other ways.

But as you look for a partner, make sure you are not really looking for an assistant.

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    Unfortunately, there never seems to be enough time for activities since I work five days a week.

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    Sending the personalized messages will make you seem more interested in each person and give you a much better chance of getting a response.