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To counter filter cigarettes' "slightly effeminate" image, Marlboro ads showed cowboys and "regular guys." Marlboro in 1962 settled on the cowboy as its exclusive image. The 4A's and five media trade organizations signed consent decrees with the Justice Department prohibiting the trade groups from encouraging or requiring members to stick to a 15% commission on advertisers' media buys. Further disclosures revealed rigging had infected other quiz shows, including "The $64,000 Question," on which Revlon founder Charles Revson determined the fates of contestants. Previously, a single advertiser would own and sponsor a show, but networks took control of programming, breaking airtime into 30-second spots sold to multiple advertisers. 27, 1960 -- "of a new parent company, Interpublic Inc.," overseeing two agencies, Mc Cann-Erickson and Mc Cann-Marschalk Co. Early 1960s' civil-rights battles were fought not only in such venues as Birmingham, Ala., but also in the gray-flannel canyon of Madison Avenue.

The decrees, still in effect, helped pave the way for fee-based compensation, negotiated commissions and alternative approaches to compensation. Ad Age wrote: "Interpublic, the new corporate umbrella, will provide the affiliate companies with management and financial guidance and central services such as personnel and accounting." The new structure set the stage for Interpublic's 1960s buying spree. One of the first major marketers to take action: Lever Bros., which met with civil rights groups, studied its advertising and asked its agencies for, Ad Age reported, "suggestions for more effective use of Negroes and members of other minority groups in the company's advertising." The marketer ran a commercial for Wisk detergent showing a black boy and a white boy playing baseball.

The agency drew attention with its work for Braniff and Philip Morris' Benson & Hedges.

Its Alka-Seltzer ads are part of advertising lore: "Plop plop, fizz fizz," "Try it, you'll like it" and "I can't believe I ate the whole thing."The debut of the Super Bowl.

The agency operates today as Draft FCB, part of Interpublic Group of Cos. Ad Age published a weekly section called "Postwar Planning: How Business and Industry Are Preparing for a Peacetime World." Willys-Overland envisioned a burgeoning civilian market for its military jeeps. Walter Thompson (now JWT); Young & Rubicam (now Y&R); N. Ayer (absorbed by Kaplan Thaler Group in 2002); Foote, Cone & Belding (now Draft FCB); Mc Cann-Erickson.

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    It would include stronger enforcement, better worker protections and a pathway to citizenship for the country’s 11 million unauthorized immigrants.

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    An ink bottle was of a more disposable utilitarian nature and often - but certainly not always - discarded after use of the commercially produced contents contained in the bottle (Nelson & Hurley 1967).

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