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It’d be awkward for her if you became a couple, but on the other hand, it’d totally suck if you lost a shot at finding love. Wanting to date one of your friends’ exes can be extremely shaky (sisterhood) ground.Or, in which Scott goes from being annoyed by his grumpy older brother to actually sort of appreciating the guy.

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good rules for teenage dating - Pros and cons of dating your best friend

“Friends can often feel betrayed if we maintain a relationship with (or date! They might also worry that their ex will tell you private things about them and may feel a bit defensive around that,” says Isiah Mc Kimmie, sex and relationship expert.

But if you’re developing genuine feelings for him and would like to move into dating territory, it’s time to think with your head and not your heart for at least a second or two.

Remember, not everyone will be happy with your choice – even if your friend is, so commit to the decision you’ve made and be prepared for all kinds of reactions.

Part of the "How to Date Your Best Friend's Brother" series that focuses on Scott's POV through Stiles and Derek's relationship.

They’re still young, Scott two years old and proudly counting the days to his third birthday and Derek seven years old and never letting Scott forget it.