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I always love your drama and movie and especially your photo shoot in every magazine, they are all so gorgeous.i thankfully enough with goong team production that make goong as your debut drama since i love too with the manhwa so that coffee prince.

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Saranghae :-) You're so great and very talented, can't wait to see you in your new project. Even though I liked her in Lie to me and My Fair Lady the plots were not that great. the first time I saw you in drama titled "My Fair Lady" I really admired you a lot... I guess you don't have something good to do or something worthwhile to do.. Congratulations Yoon Eun Hye for winning 2nd place. I'd love to see you together w/ Hyun Bin plssssss consider a movie w/ him.

I believe by carefully choosing the right kind of dramas,she would be way successful than she is now. Pls Directorssss and writersssss plsssssssssssssssssssssssss make it haapppennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

Haters are indication that you’ve “made it” to an extent. I've come to know K dramas because of you in Princess Hours! I myself love fashion and I've encountered a lot of design which are VERY SIMILAR but hadn't been reported to be plagiarized because they weren't worn on a well known TV show featuring designs or who knows there could have been but designers didn't give shits on it as they know the essence of fashion.

You are a bright, smart, talented, gifted and beautiful person. You are dearly loved and respected all over the world. She also already explained how she came up w/ the design and did not just copy the white coat.

Fashion is an everyday need and that makes it a creative "free-for-all". Yoon Eun Hye & partner painstakingly think and correlate each designs they made according to the theme of the episode.

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    And sadly, the negative reviews are always from people of color, then we complain when we don't see enough of us in what we label "A" movies.

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    The book is beautifully written and the author, John Mc Cabe, guides his readers to the realization that any struggles we may be facing or may have faced in our lives are minor when compared to the struggles others may be facing.

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