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NET 2.0 but they still contain a lot of very useful information and there is no 3.5 equivalent.

And due to the fact that I have already read those books, they will be used mostly as a reference to read through examples with main focus how the proposed solutions have met the original requirements, which should help with choosing the best answer during the exam - but most of all during real life project when a developer is responsible for gathering requirements and proposing the best solution, which is probably one of the most crucial elements during SDLC, that has a huge impact on the overall success of a project.

Generally, it seems that about four to five books are needed to cover the exam's material - a book for AJAX, LINQ or ADO. NET custom control, designing including Master pages and a security book.

- You just needed to read the questions very carefully - I'm guessing that there might be more than 1 answer (maybe even all) that would solve the problem but the task is to find the one that meets all requirements or is the most efficient or is the easiest to implement or is simply the best practice.

Second thing I always to do before starting studying to an exam is reading other people's blogs and forums to learn their experience and look for some tips.