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There’s a wait, he also says, but you can get drinks at the bar while you wait. Then, in high school, she was a majorette and frequented teen clubs and skating rinks.Trina was a social butterfly, “always the leader,” and a natural entertainer, says her sister, Laura Kemp.She flips through these items and, again dissatisfied, circulates through the rest of the store’s selection, eventually returning to the bras where she began her browsing.

Her larger-than-life rapper persona (some song titles include: “No Panties” and “Killin You Hoes”) belies her tiny frame and thin-but-curvy figure.

She’s dressed casually that Wednesday in a white tank top, matching shorts and flip-flops, with her blonde ponytail tucked under a black baseball cap, but she radiates an effortless prettiness—perfect skin and smile; gentle, bright eyes with just the faintest hint of glittery shadow on the lids.

They were very scared to take that chance to put everything behind her.”“You meet somebody and get to know him, and you don’t know if there’s a motive,” she says, adding that there are also professional ramifications in dating.

She worries that “I don’t want to be labeled as ‘I’m with you.’ ” “Rap is a difficult genre for artists to hold onto relevance, and that’s compounded with female rappers.

The gist of “Nann” is pretty straightforward: Trina resists Trick’s romantic overtures (“Hell no I don’t wanna holla [...] he all over there smelling like boonk and Hennessey), but he implores her to reconsider.