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x.’Cassie said she was shocked when she saw that Odze was presenting an image of himself as a happily married pillar of the community.‘He had lied to me, by telling me he wasn’t married and he’s lying to the people he wants to represent by pretending to be something he’s not. In 2014, when he stood for Ukip to be an MEP, Odze refused to shake the hands of rival female candidates on religious grounds.In the same year, after former Minister for Civil Society, Brooks Newmark, sent explicit texts to a person he thought was a young woman, Odze was forthright in his denunciation.He tweeted: ‘Whilst I feel sorry for Brooks Newmark’s family.

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He replied: ‘I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.’A Ukip spokesman said: ‘This is a personal matter for Mr Odze.

Okay, So for a long while I used as my usual text-based role play site, but unfortunately it's went **** up since I last visited.

’Odze was a Conservative councillor in London before marrying Chava Kessler, who stood unsuccessfully as a Tory candidate in Bury in 2004.

The rabbi tweeted the images of a burning book after saying he had found a ‘missionary bible’ – which has anti-Semitic connotations – at his synagogue.

He later apologised for any offence and removed the photos from Twitter.