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This is at odds with the notion of the modern day 'super couple' - partners who count each other as their only best friend, whose MO is "you and me against the world", and who are so intrinsically linked they even have their own portmanteau (step forward, Brangelina) Actress Megan Fox claims she doesn't need many friends outside her marriage, while Angelina has admitted that Brad is her entire emotional universe, declaring: "I'll talk to my family. She met her partner Bob at university and they have been together for 18 years.

Hazel describes Bob as her best friend and the one person she shares her innermost thoughts with. I have known him for years and we were friends for a few months before we got together.

Not only do we expect our partners to be joint providers, lovers, supporters, but also counsellors and psychologists, confidants and care-givers: and that is too much. He is really the only person I talk to." But is it unrealistic to expect one person to be your entire emotional world?

If we look to our partner to fulfil all our needs, then that engenders emotional dependency and unhealthy attachment within the relationship," says Mark. Not according to married mum-of-two Hazel Davis (38).

Of course, the film - about an unhappily married young woman who goes missing, leaving her husband accused of murder - is not exactly an advert for marriage.