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If the site wants us to continue to use it and also look at what`s advertised, therefore keeping both us and the advertises happy, then it really does need to get a better balance on quality between the free and paid for games.

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Music would be nice with the ability to turn it on/off/low.

I wish with huge betting something more could be earned, but I general thumbs up.

Maybe a video, like in Sexy Strip Poker(which I highly recommend)? The game is so long though, and gets really repetitive. Plus to move anywhere you have to bet big, and when you bet big you can also lose big Nice pictures, but i does`t matter wheter you bid 1 or 500 dollar to the progress of the game.

you just have to win a certain amount of games and it doesn`t matter how many you loose.

Overall a bit boring, and the blackjack component is pretty pointless when the money you earn means nothing except as some sort of high score.