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The first thing that catches my eye upon entering Noel Fielding’s north-London studio is a cartoonishly bizarre rubber mask, perched atop a limbless female mannequin, daubed with zombie-like flourishes of paint and crowned with a daft shock of green hair.It could be the product of an unholy fertility rite involving Frankenstein’s monster, the Incredible Hulk and The Silence of the Lambs’ psycho Buffalo Bill. ” He pauses for a second, as if pondering whether the reference to the flamboyant glam-metal band is quite right - but he is soon sure.“I made this the other day,” says Fielding, in those breezily honeyed tones of his. “If Lionel Messi wore Kiss make-up, that’s what he’d look like,” Fielding says firmly, roaring with laughter.

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He just went, 'This is what I’m wearing: what are you going to do about it!?

’ It’d be amazing, really frightening.” The chances of Argentina’s star footballer ever representing his great nation while slathered in Estée Lauder are, admittedly, slim.

His current tour, still featuring Mike in a variety of daft roles, including Fielding's fictional wife, has, by contrast, been the “peppermint tea tour”. So there were cartoons and characters such as Roy Circles, a chocolate finger with shellshock; Secret Peter, who is made out of melted Jelly Tots; and Fantasy Man, who rides a porcelain unicorn called Arnold 5. “Maybe there were just way too many characters and not enough time to digest them all. “The possibility of us doing something together is always still there,” says Fielding. “The combination of us two was a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

What I liked was that it didn't adhere to any rules. “We shouldn't have called it Luxury Comedy, we should have called it something weird. Amazing…'” Born in London to young, liberal parents, Fielding grew up a “painfully shy” child who loved drawing. You meet someone and you just work, you have chemistry on stage, and writing.

Add a face that's part matinée idol and part Dickensian villain, and a manner (in the flesh, as on stage or screen) somewhere beguilingly between Woodstock hipster, teddy-bear and Clanger, and you have a fellow both as idiosyncratic and as rock'n'roll as any comedian has ever been.