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Extreme Hardship..basics To start, you should submit as much information as possible to show that your family members (US Citizen or LPR petitioning for benefit) will suffer extreme hardship. This proof must be submitted by the US Citizen or LPR from their perspective (how it creates extreme hardship for them -- not the intending immigrant).The items below are just general ideas and are not an inclusive list.If discussing the effect on your children (from the perspective -- and written by -- the US Citizen / LPR), you may be able to get letters from the children's teachers or others who can describe the effect of your absence on them.

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The extreme hardship must be proven by the US Citizen / LPR petitioning for the benefit and be written by them (that includes everything listed below).

Make sure everything submitted is notarized by the US Citizen.

I respectfully request that this waiver be considered due to the length of time that has passed (28 to 34 years), my consequent rehabilitation and that my admission would not be contrary to the security of the United States of America.

MY OFFENCES Even though it has been 28 years since my offence I still very much regret them and I am ashamed of what I did in the past.

Health Reasons: Letters from doctors of the US Citizen or LPR that describe your role or part in their treatment (ex: daily care giver at home).