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Undoubtedly, each country is unique, so it is dangerous to generalize.

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But for boys, especially low-income boys, access to school has not had the same effect.

“These boys struggle to find a connection between school and life,” she says, “and school is increasingly seen as a waste of time.”Motivation is the dark matter of education. Motivation helps explain why some countries get impressive education results despite child poverty and lackluster teaching, while others get mediocre results despite universal health care and free i Pads.

In 2015, teenage girls outperformed boys on a sophisticated reading test in 69 countries—every place in which the test was administered.

In America, girls are more likely to take Advanced Placement tests, to graduate from high school, and to go to college, and women continue their education over a year longer than men.

When kids believe in school, as any teacher will tell you, everything gets easier.