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Our April Dash Café takes place within Food of War’s Clouded Lands exhibition at Rich Mix, a show of photography, installation, painting, gastro-performance, sculpture and filming that explores the impact of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe, precisely 31 years on.As part of our Clouded Lands Cafe, we’ll sample the gastro-performance and discuss the work and wider issues with several of the participating artists from Food of War including Zinaida Lihacheva, Hernan Barros and Omar Castaneda inspired by Noble prize winner Svetlana Alexeivich's Chernobyl Prayer, plus BBC journalist Lucy Ash and Peter Conradi author of the very newly published Who Lost Russia? Additionally there'll be hauntingly beautiful live music from Ukrainian songstress Iryna Muha.Dash Cafes are FREE to attend, but do let us know you're coming by reserving your place via [email protected] Our October Café, held on the anniversary of the October Revolution a century ago, explores its impact on Russia today.

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Email to reserve your place Lena Kaufman website The November Cafe will reflect on Dash Arts' five-year journey through the Post-Soviet world.

This last Revolution17 Dash Café will look back on these last five years with a group of exceptional colleagues and friends including Oliver Bullough and playwright Natalia Vorozhbit who will help us explore how politics and the arts have changed over the period.

Our June Café, at the heart of our REVOLUTION17 year, will be a probing investigation into the gripping events of 1917 in Petrograd, the year of revolutions that changed the world: what exactly happened between the less known February revolution and the iconic October uprising.

Located within the pop-up installation of the Dacha at Rich Mix, the evening will feature exciting conversation between special guests including historian and writer Orlando Figes, art curator and Courtauld Institute of Art lecturer Natalia Murray and Russian art expert and curator Elena Zaytseva.

Join us to explore the life and extraordinary works of Soviet novelist and playwright Andrei Platonov through conversation with poet and his translator Robert Chandler, composer Gerard Mc Burney and actress Vladislava Lemesevska, live readings, recordings and live music from the wonderful Iryna Muha.