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The suggestive poses that remain might even be more salaciously sexist than nudity, as a friend of mine used to argue in our college years in defense of the hardcore porn Hustler magazine.At least, she claimed, Hustler’s pictures zeroed in on women’s private parts without any illusion of seduction using rhinestone-studded bikinis and pouty expressions.It made women see themselves that way too, breeding insecurity and limiting ambitions.

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Is this really so different from some religious fundamentalists' efforts to isolate women, with restrictions on their freedom of movement and dictates against wearing revealing dress styles?

Some suppress women’s sexuality while others exploit it.

And the lowered self worth has increased women's and girls' vulnerability to domination and even abuse.

Females in many cultures are still struggling to replace those self-perceptions with real forms of empowerment. Its circulation has fallen from a high of 5.6 million in 1975 to 800,000 today. The leading analyses, including by its executives, center on the abundance of sexual images now available on the Internet, invading Playboy's niche.

The problem is the misogynist paradigm the porn industry has cultivated.