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BNP allowed the alleged wrongdoing to continue from 2007 to 2013 because it padded its bottom line, Maria T. The bank on Wednesday admitted that it broke NY state banking regulations — and signed a consent agreement with the DFS.

“Here the bank paid little or no attention to the supervision of its foreign exchange trading business, allowing [its] traders and others to violate New York State law over the course of many years and repeatedly abused the trust of their customers,” Vullo said in a statement.

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I’ve seen some discussions on r/games that had multiple people participating writing huge walls of texts and no insults or “naughty” words in sight.

It was simply a great discussion on something related to games between a bunch of people.

I always thought we had a good sex life but I don’t know what to do as I feel betrayed and numb. On the other hand, it might mean that she is bored with the marriage and with sex within the same relationship. But beware of giving any ultimatums like: 'if you don't stop this, the marriage is over'. My best suggestion is to say to her that you are aware of her Internet habits and that you feel this shows that the marriage is in trouble - and that you'd like her to agree to come to Relate with you to discuss any marital difficulties you both have in the hope that you can resolve them.

A suggestion that you could both have counselling should make your wife realise that you are serious in wanting to put things right - and indeed that you are prepared to accept partial responsibility for anything that may be wrong.

You can find many mature, serious subreddits there where you can have a meaningful discussion in the comments.