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Seeing no reason to remain, Cleveland left Stoolbend and Donna behind.

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"My name is Cleveland Brown, and I am proud to be Right back in my hometown, with my new family Theres old friends and new friends, and even a bear Through good times and bad times, its true love we share And so I found a place, where everyone will know My happy mustached face, this is THE CLEVELAND SHOW!

" *giggle* Spin-Off starring former bit character Cleveland Brown.

Donna does her best to keep her children under control, but is aware that they need a father figure at times.

Yet despite any issues that she and her kids have, it is clear that they care for one another. meanwhile is underdeveloped yet, save for the fact that Cleveland Jr.

Donna unfortunately was for the most part oblivious to his feelings, and instead dated Cleveland's unofficial rival Robert.

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