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A parenting plan is a document that sets forth what one parent is seeking from the court.

It provides information about what custody and placement orders the parent is seeking, and follows up with more specific questions such as where the parent currently lives, where he or she plans to live, what his or her work hours are, where they plan to have the children attend school, what child care options they have, and how the child will communicate with the other parent.

In Wisconsin, the Department of Children and Families promulgates percentage standards for child support.

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In Wisconsin, the child must be emancipated in order to independently decide where he or she wants to live; this usually occurs when the child turns 18 or graduates from high school.

The wishes of the child are considered by the court at any age, but these wishes are communicated through the child’s Guardian ad Litem.

The parties are required to consult and attempt to reach agreement with respect to major decisions affecting the lives of the minor children.

Each of the parties is required to provide advance notice to the other regarding these major decisions so as to facilitate co-parenting communication, cooperation, and mediation if necessary.

Placement means the right of a parent to have the child physically placed with that party and has the right and responsibility to make, during that placement, routine daily decisions regarding the child’s care, consistent with major decisions made under the custody designation.