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history the federal government's detailed financial statement was released. 2005 - Terri Schiavo died at a hospice in Pinellas Park, Fla., 13 days after her feeding tube was removed in a wrenching right-to-die dispute.

2004 - Air America Radio launched five stations around the U. 2004 - 4 American contractors were killed in Fallujah, Iraq; frenzied crowds dragged their burned, mutilated bodies and strung 2 of them from a bridge.

Let me be clear about the facts: We are not breaking any laws and we are prioritizing safety, Murray said. 25 signed an executive order directing the federal government to ensure that jurisdictions that refuse to cooperate with immigration officials are not eligible to receive some federal grants.

Hispanic-Owned Companies Bidding for Trump Wall Contract Receive Death Threats Breitbart - Owners of several construction companies in western states such as California and Arizona have reported a campaign of harassment after their names turned up in federal databases.

1831 - Quebec and Montreal were incorporated as cities. The act opened the ports of Shimoda and Hakotade to American trade. The rule was enacted in the final weeks of former President Barack Obama's administration, giving lawmakers the opening to nullify it under the review law.