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Starting in 1996, he began publishing poetry and fiction.

He's written two autobiographies honest enough to cover his life as a hustler and drug addict coming to terms with being HIV , and has also sung and modeled.

He did dozens of movies in the '90s as a daunting top before bottoming in 2008, the same year he left the biz.

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Perhaps those two observations help to explain why we take our porn so very seriously, why we could probably talk for hours about specific scenes that opened our eyes to new activities we'd previously never dreamed of and why we are so madly in love with certain familiar faces (and other parts) who seemed to teach us how to do "it" and gave us permission to stop worrying our parents would find out so we could simply enjoy being pigs—at least on occasion.

With all of that out of the way, what follows is my list of History's 125 Hottest Gay-Porn stars..the hyphen, because I have no way of knowing which of these guys were/are gay-for-pay stars, I just know I've seen them in at least one in at least one dirty movie targeted to gay men, and that they did something primal for me.

Many of them are dead—not many from the Golden Age of gay adult films (let's say the '70s through 1990?

In 2000, he committed suicide via drug overdose, ending what had apparently been an unhappy, short existence.