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The running joke with us is that when our kids would ask where they came from, we would just point to the sex room. There are exceptions, of course, and there can be too much of a good thing. Watch for the part where the "innocent" librarian lures Jerry O'Connell back to her place. Watch for the part where the "innocent" librarian lures Jerry O'Connell back to her place. Originally posted by The Mermaid Zappo you know, some manuevers are so dangerous that two spotters might not be a bad idea.

Lava lamps, soft furnishings, dim switches, this ??

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Make sure you have lots of incense on hand, and the more sweet and cloying the better! We never really took it seriously, but it was fun to talk about. I like the mirror on the headboard idea though, and make sure the headboard has metal bars.

I suggest sandalwood, strawberry and/or banana (but nothing that will clash with the flavour of your preferred love-jelly). Our sex room had most of what you have listed, Mermaid, but instead of leather cushons (too sticky to the skin when you sweat) it was velvet or satin. Oh I usually only partake of the usual boring, ordinary type of sex that long time partners usually do.

The Monaro is traditionally a breeding area with the short growing season induced by cold winter temperatures limiting pasture growth for many months of the year.

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The one by the headboard was COOL, (like watching porno, but better) especially 'cause it also reflected the one on the opposite wall.