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By binding to and occupying all of the liver’s transfer proteins, silibin prohibited the toxins from getting into liver cells and causing damage.In addition, silibin extract also prevented poisonous effects inside liver cells by: Mitchell’s research hasn’t been published yet, as 60 patients aren’t enough to confirm that silibin is highly effective.

I'm just curious cause I'm about to build a pair and wanted to know what you guys thought of the models you got or made. (I think) Another Shadow Hills to match the lonely one in the rack. Asfaras the Eisen, I got together by e-mail w/ Jens and discussed the possibilties with the pre.

Rob, This last year I sent my baby away for an extreme makeover. You'll notice the slimmed down lines and filled out figure. Then...maybe some Eisen's (Neve-ish) or some Purple's Then... I decided on a Lundahl input tranny and JFET992 opamp.

As far as Acoustic Guitar or over heads I think the Elixer, SH Gama in (discrete or Steel Mode) and possibly the P1 (though I haven't heard it and I am basing this opinion form all the reviews I have read) would be a better choice for those 2 applications.

California research favors silibin for saving the liver from a hazardous mushroom toxin.

it is a nice smooth mid forward sound with lots of gain and once again a great build quality, as well as great service. It would be great if he designs the 2 I/O's so you can use the EQ and pre seperately as well. It would be great if he designs the 2 I/O's so you can use the EQ and pre seperately as well.

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