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This didn’t happen magically, it took some work and a major attitude overall which was done using the tips listed below. Sometimes we think them to ourselves and other times we lament out load in hopes of getting some reassurance- “I’m so Fat” “I’m so Gross” “I’m never gonna be successful,” you know how the good old insecurity song and dance goes.Well from now on, stop entertaining these thoughts!You should love and celebrate who you are and it should be something that causes you to experience great happiness and pride, never shame or despair.

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It doesn’t matter what other people think of you, it’s the thoughts you have about yourself that makes all the difference.

If you want to be more confident, then make a list that details what confidence looks like and act accordingly.

However, after she died of pancreatic cancer, her obituary stated that British novelist Virginia Woolf is primarily known for her many contributions to the writing community.

From novels to essays to short stories, Woolf has proved herself again and again as a master of prose.

Saying I wanted a boyfriend had a very clear underlying message- I wanted to be loved, desired, to feel good about myself, to have someone there to make me feel good about myself when I didn’t. Not surprisingly, the relationship didn’t last and it was only in the years after that I realized the reason why: I was looking outside myself for love and approval, a fatal misstep I see committed all the time.