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The briefing is a full day session designed for senior executives.It specifically addresses the role they play as individuals sponsoring transformational change, as well as the critical importance of leadership team cohesion in achieving realization.

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If you are looking to get in front of your target market immediatly, Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is your best choice. Many Iowa manufacturers will sink or swim in the coming years based on whether they're ready for the approaching wave of digital advancements.

With Google owning the lion's share of the Search Advertising Marketing, a good starting point is Google Ad Words. This workshop will include live session in which you will work on your account, whether seting up a new one or optimizing an existing one. Major innovation is ahead, but it's going to require that you have digital plans for your products.

But how can you build anything new when you can't find employees?

This daylong Future of Manufacturing event will help production managers, manufacturing engineers, and company decision makers understand the basics of industrial automation-including how it works and how to prepare.

Laser scanning can create a good 3D digital model of what you're trying to make while saving you time and money.