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Collected papers by results of the annual Regional Conference of Solid State Science and Technology (RCSSST) 2016 (Malaysia) offers readers the results of the latest scientific research in the field of solid-state materials and technologies.

This book will be useful for many specialists from various fields of applied sciences.

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This collection of articles based on results of the 11th Pure and Applied Chemistry International Conference (PACCON 2017, February 2 – 3, 2017, Thailand) and covers many research branches of the modern materials science: fundamental research, experience of industrial applications of latest materials, development of chemical and nano technologies.

We hope that this publication will to promote and stimulate the synergistic interactions and collaborations between variuos research directions including tecnologies of catalys, nanomaterials, renewable energy applications and inorganic materials.

Johnson said Ms Biryukova acknowledged having a history of leaving the children home alone for extended periods of time.

Police know whether she did so during the lengthy mediation — but they won't release that information, Maj Johnson said.

Sydney woman Ella (not her real name) has a full-time job, is a single mother and is starting a postgraduate university degree.